Fishing Safety

Joining forces to shape the fishery sector of tomorrow


The brochure on "Joining forces to shape the fishery sector of tomorrow: Promoting safety and decent work in fisheries through the application of international standards" is now also available in French and Spanish languages. The joint IMO, ILO and FAO brochure gives a summary overview of four international binding fisheries instruments (conventions and agreements) that promote the safety of fishing vessels, safety of fishers, training of fishers and responsible and safe fisheries operations. The brochure aims to provide guidance to policy and decision makers and other stakeholders in the fisheries, maritime and labour sectors, with a view to promote ratification and implementation of the following international fisheries instruments:

  1. The IMO (2012) Cape Town Agreement (CTA)
  2. The IMO (1995) International Convention on Training, Certification and for Fishing Vessels Personnel (STCW-F)
  3. The ILO (2007) Work in Fishing Convention (C188)
  4. The FAO (2009) Agreement on Port States Measures to Prevent Deter and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing (PSMA)

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