La sécurité dans le secteur de la pêche

Regional fisheries bodies and their role in improving safety and decent work on fishing vessels


Safety at sea is often an overlooked aspect of fisheries management. Noting the conservation and management role of regional fishery bodies (RFBs), in 2021/2022 FAO commissioned a study on their role in promoting safety and decent work in fisheries under their mandates. 

Secretariats of thirty-seven of RFBs – with advisory and/or regulatory functions- participated in a global survey. The surveyed RFBs represented a variety of fisheries - inland and/or marine, small-scale or industrial fisheries and aquaculture. The survey showed that: 

•Safety at sea is a priority for fifty-one percent of RFBs. 

•Thirty-five percent regard safety as important, but not a priority. 

•Thirty-eight percent consider decent working conditions a priority. 

•Decent working conditions are important, but not a priority for almost thirty percent of the RFBs. 

In addition to the survey results, the FAO publication contains a compilation of information collected from RFB websites and publications on RFB activities related to safety and decent working conditions. 

This work was presented to the Regional Fishery Body Secretariat’s Network (RSN) on September 3rd 2022 and will serve to inform FAO’s partner agencies in the United Nations, IMO and ILO, on the instrumental role of RFBs in promoting international fisheries instruments and improving safety and decent work in the world’s fisheries.

The survey and the preparation of this publication were supported by the European Commission DG Mare funded project on “Follow-up action to the 33rd FAO Committee on Fisheries: Project to support the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Marking of Fishing Gear, the implementation of Binding Instruments on Safety and Decent Work in Fisheries, and the development of Guidelines on Transshipment” (GCP/GLO/432/EC).