Seguridad en la pesca


2007 - FAO
This document details the findings of the study on safety at sea undertaken in May 2006 in four countries in the South West Indian Ocean Region. The countries studied were Seychelles, Madagascar, Comoros and Kenya.
2004 - FAO
This is the report of an FAO/SPC Regional Expert Consultation on Sea Safety in Small Fishing Vessels, which was convened firstly to address and progress the most important issues in fisheries sea safety from the perspectives of several relevant disciplines...
2003 - Gillett, R
In 2003 FAO undertook a survey of fisheries-related sea safety in the Pacific Islands region. The objective of the work was to consolidate the experience gained by selected countries in safety at sea with the view of improving ongoing and...
2001 - Petursdottir, G.; Hannibalsson, O.; Turner, J.M.M.
Uno de los obstáculos fundamentales para mejorar la seguridad es el hecho de que, en la mayoría de los lugares, las medidas de seguridad se han aplicado con carácter voluntario. Los reglamentos sobre la construcción y equipamiento de barcos más...
2000 - Yadava, Y.S.; Turner, J.M.M; Calvert, P.
This is the report and the proceedings of the Government of India/Government of Andhra Pradesh/FAO Workshop on Measures to Reduce Loss of Life during Cyclones. The workshop was held in Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, from 4 to 6 March 1999....
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