La sécurité dans le secteur de la pêche


Poster FAO with support of the FISH Safety Foundation is preparing educational material to reduce the risks of collisions and other accidents at sea. The Know your Night-time Lights poster is to assist small-scale fishers with the identification of other vessels at...
2022 - Belja, E., van Anrooy, R . and Kalikoski, D.
In 2021/2022, FAO studied the role of regional fishery bodies (RFBs) in promoting safety and decent work in fisheries under their mandates. Secretariats of thirty-seven regional fisheries management organizations and regional fishery advisory bodies representing inland and marine small-scale and...
2022 - Van Anrooy, R., Espinoza Córdova, F., Japp, D., Valderrama, D., Gopal Karmakar, K., Lengyel, P., Parappurathu, S., Upare, S., Tietze, U., Costelloe, T., & Zhang, Z.
This World review of capture fisheries and aquaculture insurance presents the findings of regional and national studies conducted in 2020. The studies included major capture fisheries and aquaculture producers in Asia (Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, and Viet...
2022 - FAO
Ce manuel sur la sécurité en mer pour la pêche artisanale a pour objectif de contribuer à la sensibilisation des pêcheurs à la sécurité, la réduction du nombre d’accidents et l’augmentation des chances de survie en cas d’accident. Le manuel...
2021 - FAO/ILO/IMO
Language: Chinese This brochure gives a summary overview of four international binding fisheries instruments (conventions and agreements) that promote the safety of fishing vessels, safety of fishers, training of fishers and responsible and safe fisheries operations. This brochure has been prepared...