Mécanisme multidonateurs flexible (FMM)

FMM partner updates: new and renewed contributions for tackling unprecedented challenges


Despite being a year of unprecedented slowdown of activities, 2020 witnessed a time of growth in financial volume and renewed commitment to FAO’s Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM), the principal pooled funding mechanism for partners willing to contribute flexible, less-earmarked voluntary resources to the Organization. In 2020, FMM contributions during the current phase almost doubled, from approximately USD 12 million in 2019 to nearly USD 21 million. This is generating remarkable momentum in responding to the increasing global challenges.

These contributions for 2020 come from Belgium, France, Italy, France, Flanders, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland. In addition, a one-off contribution was made by Ireland in December 2020. This upward trend is reflected in total contributions to the current FMM phase 2018-2021. Since 2018, FMM Resource Partners entrusted the Mechanism with a total of approximately USD 60 million - a record-high number in the history of the FMM.

Since its establishment in 2010, the FMM has mobilized over USD 135 million thanks to the generous support and multi-year contributions by Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Flanders; and annual contributions by France, Italy and Switzerland. The new contribution by Ireland is also appreciated. Through these contributions, FMM Resource Partners have supported the five Strategic Objectives of the Organization and have enabled FAO support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

FMM contributes through its six key programmatic areas: (1) Evidence-based Policy, Global Instruments and Knowledge Products; (2) Resilience and Sustainable Food Systems; (3) Migration and Fragility; (4) Generational Gaps, Women Empowerment and Decent Rural Employment; (5) Climate Change and Agriculture; and (6) Oceans and Blue Growth. FMM supported 32 projects in its first two phases, and the current phase applies a programmatic approach involving 17 ongoing and more than 10 new subprogrammes in preparation.

Each of the above-mentioned programmatic areas have been affected by the current pandemic, making the contributions of FMM Resource Partners more crucial and lifesaving than ever. Global threats, such as COVID-19, call for global solutions, which is why joint efforts and a coordinated response are paramount to the prevention of a worldwide food crisis, while building back better and transforming our food systems.

Recalling the words of Beth Bechdol, FAO’s Deputy Director-General, in appreciation of FMM Resource Partners’ support and in recognition of their prominent role in shaping global development agenda: “Thank you, FMM Resource Partners, for your vital flexible contributions, and for playing an essential role in tackling today’s complex challenges, building resilience, and having a transformative impact.”

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