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ChispaRural: The digital platform for young rural talents in Guatemala
On 10 October 2017, during the National Forum Change the Future of Migration: Young Rural Entrepreneurs, the Government of Guatemala and FAO's ICA Programme launched, an online platform designed to leverage the talent of motivated youth in rural is an innovative digital service aimed at the new generations of Guatemalan...
Uganda and FAO launch a new Strategy for Youth Employment in Agriculture
On 26 October, the Government of Uganda, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, launched the National Strategy for Youth Employment in Agriculture.Demographically, Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world, with 60% of people below the age of 18 and 78% below...
ICA Programme: Leveraging ICTs to promote decent youth employment
A common feature of the country-level implementation of the FAO Integrated Country Approach (ICA) for promoting decent rural employment is the activeengagement of youth into policy dialogue on agri-food systems’ and rural development. On this purpose, the ICA programme is exploring and establishing pilot models to foster community building and engagement...
2nd Forum on Decent Employment to promote rural youth entrepreneurship in Senegal
In Senegal, the agricultural sector employs 70% of the working population. Overall, the demographic structure is particularly youthful, with over 60% of the population below the age of 24 years. Yet, employment opportunities for rural youth remain limited and of poor quality in the country. Against this background, facilitating the youth cohort's...

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