Instrument de contribution volontaire flexible (FVC)


FMM - Annual Report 2018

The FMM Annual Report for 2018 highlights the concrete results achieved through the continued support of key resource partners. This report details initiatives, innovations, impacts, outcomes and human-centred stories from the field. The report shows how deepening our engagement with resource partners and fostering new alliances is vital to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


FAO’s Multipartner Programme Support Mechanism (FMM) 2014-17

This report informs resource partners about the work carried out by FAO, through funding from the FAO Multipartner Mechanism Support (FMM), including results achieved, challenges faced, and key lessons learned during the reporting period (2014-17). The FMM was established in November 2010 as the first flexible multi-partnerinstrument to truly provide programmatic support to FAO’s Medium Term Plans (2010-2013)1 and (2014-2017), and related biennial programme of work and budgets.

FAO’s Smarter investments Up-scaled development

This report, which presents just some of the highlights of the mechanism, shows the FMM has delivered concrete and transformational results. Be it empowering women in agriculture across Africa, restoring local production in the Cook Islands, or helping farmers build resilience to climate change in the Dry Corridor of Central America, funds channeled through the FMM have brought notable impact.

Partnering for zero hunger and sustainability

The Multipartner Programme Support Mechanism (FMM) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is an innovative fund for partners willing to contribute to FAO’s work through unearmarked or slightly earmarked funds. The funds are used strategically to support progress towards a world without hunger or poverty, and where natural resources are used sustainably. Read more about our work partnering to achieve a world free of hunger.

2016 FAO's Multipartner Programme Support Mechanism Annual Report

This annual report details results achieved, progress made and lessons-learned in 2016. We are confident that results achieved in countries and the demonstrated benefits of unearmarked funding described will continue to generate enthusiasm for this type of instrument.

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