Instrumento de contribuciones voluntarias flexibles (FVC)

Evaluation of the Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM)


The Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM) is a mechanism through which FAO’s resource partners make unearmarked or lightly earmarked voluntary contributions to support achievement of FAO’s Strategic Objectives. OED conducted an evaluation of the current phase of FMM (2018–2021). The purpose of the evaluation was to inform FMM’s main stakeholders about the fund’s overall performance and also inform its next phase (2022–2025).

The evaluation assessed FMM’s strategic positioning; effectiveness of the revised governance and implementation arrangements; key contributions to the achievement of FAO’s Strategic Objectives; and the adaptability of FMM to respond to unplanned scenarios and changes.The evaluation found FMM to be of strategic relevance to FAO as a vehicle for financing innovation, under-funded or emerging areas with flexibility to allocate voluntary contributions to FAO priorities. The evaluation also found evidence of catalytic and transformative elements, primarily in past projects. However, there is considerable scope for improving the FMM so that it contributes to results under the new FAO Strategic Framework.

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