La pérdida y el desperdicio de alimentos en las cadenas de valor del pescado
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Community of Resources

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We acknowledge the generous contribution of knowledge and resources from individuals and organizations, including:

  • Alexander Kaminski – Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, United Kingdom
  • Chen Shuping – Director, Division of International Cooperation and Trade, National Fisheries Technology Extension Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
  • Gbola Rasaaq Akande, PhD Former Executive Director/CEO; Nigerian Institute for Oceanographic and Marine Research, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Guy Bungubetshi Mbah Fisheries and Post Harvest National specialist (Chemistry and agricultural technologies engineer); Agir Alternatif, NGO. Kinshasa, DRC.
  • Helga Maria Josupeit – Senior Advisor; INFOPESCA
  • John Connelly President; National Fisheries Institute
  • Sarafino Aloma Francis Ojja – Director General of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development; Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Republic of South Sudan/Juba
  • Shirlene Maria Anthonysamy – Director; INFOFISH
  • Steven Cole – Senior Scientist, WorldFish
  • Sudari Pawiro – National Chief Technical Advisor; SMART-Fish Indonesia Programme, UNIDO
  • Ulrich Kleih – Marketing Economist, Food and Markets Department; Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich
  • Yahya Ibrahim Mgawe – Chief Executive; Fisheries Education and Training Agency (FETA)