La pérdida y el desperdicio de alimentos en las cadenas de valor del pescado


Skin Deep
02 December 2022
It’s estimated that the equivalent of 10 million tonnes of fish is wasted annually. And accounting for between 3 and 8% of every fish, the skin is a structural material that’s full of protein and...
Every year the global fishing industry creates over 20 million tons of byproducts, the majority of which are wasted. Instead, the industry needs to look at these wasted products as a valuable protein resource.
This e-learning course introduces the methodology to analyze critical food loss points, and focuses on revealing the multidimensional causes of losses in selected food supply chains, identifying critical loss points, and recommends feasible food loss...
The Rupavahini English News reports on the progress of Responsible use of Fisheries and Aquaculture Resources for Sustainable Development project in Sri Lanka.
The Voluntary Code of Conduct for Food Loss and Waste Reduction sets out a generic framework of actions and guiding principles that should be followed to reduce food loss and waste (FLW) and support the...
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