La pérdida y el desperdicio de alimentos en las cadenas de valor del pescado


This document presents the actions and measures that countries, food supply chain actors, private sector, producer organizations, academic and research institutions, and other stakeholders should take to contribute to FLW reduction.
These abstracts are an assortment of basic and applied research, development and capacity building, and other works of food sector actors aimed at addressing high postharvest losses and inefficiency in the food supply chain.
This guide aims to educate consumers about the importance of preventing and reducing food waste and empower them to act differently throughout their daily lives by providing concrete tools and recommendations.
This study aimed to investigate the effects of mechanical separation vs. pH-shift processing on protein recovery as well as content of macro- and micronutrients in the recovered protein enriched product using backbones of cod, salmon and...
Salting, or salt curing, is one of the oldest methods of fish preservation used by the Romans to produce the famous salt cod, or bacalao. Salted fish has endured because it can be stored for...