La pérdida y el desperdicio de alimentos en las cadenas de valor del pescado


The book describes fundamentals in fish biology, chemical composition of fish, and post mortem changes, with a view to explain the rationale for optimal catch handling procedures and obtaining maximum shelf life.
Freezing At Sea
01 January 1994
This document is intended to serve as a background paper and an introduction to the operations and equipment used in the freezing and cold storage of fish both on shore and at sea. 
This FAO publication introduces the operations and equipment used in fish freezing and cold storage on shore and sea, and gives information on applying low temperatures to reduce deterioration of quality.
Ice in Fisheries
01 January 1993
Included is an overview of the use of ice for chilling and storing fish, including a review of fish spoilage and the technical and economic viewpoints of ice manufacturing and storage equipment.
Chilling Fish on Land
01 January 1992
Overview of handling and chilling practice related to various forms of transport.