Pertes et gaspillages de nourriture dans les chaînes de valeur de la pêche et de l’aquaculture


In Colombia, multidimensional solutions to reduce and mitigate losses and waste of fish seek to encourage fish consumption and generate sustainable use of the resource, which will ultimately contribute to food and nutritional security of...
One of the major issues prevailing in the fisheries and aquaculture industry in Sri Lanka is the high loss and waste of fish, and it has become necessary to introduce strategies aimed at preventing and...
Promoting ‘whole fish’ thinking and solutions which ensure greater nutrition for thriving communities, strong economies and healthy environments.
In this video we will learn how a group of women increased their earnings by working together to produce good quality smoked fish products.
In this video we see how the creation of women’s associations can bring benefits to the small-scale fisheries post-harvest sector.