Pertes et gaspillages de nourriture dans les chaînes de valeur de la pêche et de l’aquaculture


ANFTS Proceedings
01 December 2021
The African Network on Fish Technology and Safety (ANFTS) are a series of on-going consultations which are supported and coordinated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and held every three...
IYAFA2022 aims to raise awareness on the role of small-scale fisheries and aquaculture, strengthen science-policy interaction, empower stakeholders to take action, and to build new and strengthen existing partnerships.
The IYAFA 2022 Global Action Plan (IYAFA GAP) aims at building global momentum to empower small-scale artisanal fisheries and aquaculture and securing a sustainable future for these important sectors.
A significant amount of raw material is produced as a byproduct of fish processing, much of which is used as low value fertilisers, animal...
This document presents the actions and measures that countries, food supply chain actors, private sector, producer organizations, academic and research institutions, and other stakeholders should take to contribute to FLW reduction.