Pertes et gaspillages de nourriture dans les chaînes de valeur de la pêche et de l’aquaculture


Overview of South Africa canned fish trade and food safety issues. 
This guide is intended for fishermen engaged in the capture of Demersal Catching Sector species from fisheries in the UK and EU. It’s part of a suite of guides which highlight key industry requirements.
This review covers efforts of new and advanced strategies related to chilled and frozen storage. Included is research concerning the use of binary systems, and the application of exogenous antioxidants to ensure high quality.
This guide provides an overview of the legal requirements that traditional whitefish, freezer and factory vessels must meet regarding structure, layout, hygiene, handling, training and record keeping. 
In this review, an update of both environmental impact (inputs and outputs) and treated fish waste uses is provided by means of six comprehensive tables and seven figures.