Потери и порча пищевой продукции в производственно-сбытовых цепях рыбного хозяйства


Этот раздел содержит публикации и ресурсы, касающиеся продовольственных потерь и порчи пищевой продукции в производственно-сбытовых цепях рыбного хозяйства.


Included is assistance and guidance in managing seafood safety and quality, with each module providing practical information on how to ensure seafood safety and quality during all stages of retail distribution and sale.
Methods of dry fresh sardines obtained from local fishermen in Uzaiba, specifically by using four different solar dryers and by traditional sun drying methods, are discussed. 
These guidelines provide advice on maintaining standards of fish quality and food safety, and on maximizing value through efficient landing and sale operations, and is an intended reference for trade and official bodies.
Included is guidance for those involved in microfinance programmes to ensure consideration of socio-economic and gender issues when developing microfinance programmes, designing national policies, and disaggregating microfinance markets to learn more about clients.
Overview of the problem of predators and their control.