Потери и порча пищевой продукции в производственно-сбытовых цепях рыбного хозяйства


Этот раздел содержит публикации и ресурсы, касающиеся продовольственных потерь и порчи пищевой продукции в производственно-сбытовых цепях рыбного хозяйства.


This publication establishes the hygienic and quality requirements for the handling, processing and distribution of fish intended for human consumption. With the exception of tuna, it covers: Fresh fish, frozen fish, and smoked fish.
UNILEVER is working to address food waste at scale by initiating systemic change in partnership with other organizations.
This manual summarises the key recommendations for processing, handling, distribution and storage of chilled and frozen foods.
A detailed report outlining the various food safety hazards, risks, food safety approaches and knowledge gaps.  
This report provides detailed information on species and quantities of discards and attempts that have been made to utilise bycatch and discards.