Food and Agriculture Statistics

Agriculture and the food value chain 2005–2015

The new FAOSTAT domain on Food Value Chain (FVC) informs users about the breakdown of the national food expenditures by final consumers through the different stages of the agrifood value chains. Using input/output tables and Supply and Use Tables, the new domain provides information on what share in a dollar of food purchased by consumers accrues to each stage of the value chain. The domain was built as a result of a collaboration among FAO, the Cornell University and the Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

 The FVC analysis identifies different value chains for food consumed at home (which often is lumped together with tobacco) and food away from home. For each of the above value chains the new domain provides disaggregated data by industry (Agriculture, Manufacture, Transportation, Wholesale, Accommodation and food services) and primary factors (Labour, Taxes, Import, Operating surplus).

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