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Pesticides trade 1990-2018

Statistics of pesticides trade are relevant for monitoring of sustainable agriculture. In particular, they can help assess the global movement of pesticides and identify issues in access to the global market of this key agricultural input. The FAOSTAT Pesticides Trade database contains data on internationally traded pesticides over the period 1961–2018. The 2020 update of the domain features significantly improved times series in traded quantities, with complete statistics of total pesticides quantities and improved information on specific pesticides groups (e.g., insecticides, herbicides, fungicides etc.).

This analysis focuses on international trade flows of pesticides for the period 1990–2018 and in particular of total pesticides, for which both monetary and physical trade statistics are available for the first time. Additional information for hazardous pesticides is provided at country level over the period 2007–2018.


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FAOSTAT Pesticides trade domain