Estadísticas alimentarias y agrícolas

Pesticides use, pesticides trade and pesticides indicators 1990–2019

Pesticides use in agriculture as an input and the agri-environmental indicator measuring use by cropland area serve to monitor the use of pesticides across the globe as well as at the regional and country levels. Statistics of pesticides trade are relevant for monitoring of sustainable agriculture. In particular, they can help assess the global movement of pesticides and identify shortcomings in access to the global market of this agricultural input. These three domains have been updated with figures through 2019. This analytical brief includes a special analysis of trends in total trade of hazardous pesticides for which data are available in FAOSTAT. This includes examples of 12 hazardous pesticides listed under the Rotterdam Convention. 


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FAOSTAT Pesticides domains:

Pesticides Use

Pesticides Trade

Pesticides indicators