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Pesticides use, pesticides trade and pesticides indicators. Global, regional and country trends, 1990–2020

Pesticides use in agriculture as an input and the agri-environmental indicator measuring use by cropland area serve to monitor the use of pesticides across the globe as well as at the regional and country levels. The data in FAOSTAT have been updated with figures through 2020. Statistics of pesticides trade are relevant for monitoring of sustainable agriculture. In particular, they can help assess the global movement of pesticides and identify shortcomings in access to the global market of this key agricultural input. The FAOSTAT Pesticides Trade database contains data on internationally traded pesticides over the period 1961–2020. Data for the period 1961–1989 cover only monetary values, while data for the period 1990–2020 also include physical quantities. The 2022 update of the Pesticides Trade domain features data updates to 2020, with intra-regional and inter-regional aggregates of pesticides to highlight trade within and between different regions of the world. 

The latest analytical brief reports the main results and changes over time in pesticides use and trade, with a special focus on total trade of hazardous pesticides, and with details at the global, regional and country levels during the period 1990–2020.

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