Food and Agriculture Statistics

Data release

FAO regularly updates its datasets on food and agriculture statistics, providing the latest information available at the global, regional and country level. The latest datasets are disseminated through FAOSTAT, the largest global database offering free access to food and agriculture statistics. Data releases are supported by the publication of related Analytical Briefs, highlighting the key information provided in the dataset, providing references and discussing new trends.

Latest data release

Inorganic fertilizers 1961-2018

FAOSTAT provides statistics at country, regional and global levels on the production, trade and agricultural use of inorganic fertilizers. This brief provides a summary of...

Forest land emissions and removals 1990-2020

The FAOSTAT Land Emissions-Forest Land domain contains information on emissions and removals of CO2 from forest land use dynamics. The domain contains information for 214...

Pesticides trade 1990-2018

Statistics of pesticides trade are relevant for monitoring of sustainable agriculture. In particular, they can help assess the global movement of pesticides and identify issues...

Drained organic soils 1990-2019

FAO released new estimates of the amount of area of organic soils drained for agriculture and the resulting anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the...

Temperature Change Statistics 1961-2019

FAO released the FAOSTAT Temperature Change data, with statistics of land surface air temperature (⁰C), disseminated by country and region, with global coverage, over the...

The share of agriculture in total greenhouse gas emissions 1990-2017

FAO releases today new estimates of the percentage contribution of agriculture to total GHG emissions. The new 

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