Food and Agriculture Statistics

Third FAO Regional Workshop on Statistics for Greenhouse Gas Emissions


2-3 December 2013, Casablanca, Morocco

The new FAOSTAT Emissions database provides a coherent and internationally neutral data platform useful for member countries to identify critical statistical data gaps and to conduct advanced greenhouse gas (GHG) data analyses by assessing current trends and performing data quality control and benchmarking functions.

The FAO workshop brings together high-level staff of Ministries of Agriculture or Agricultural National Statistical Agencies and Bureaus responsible for national GHG reporting under international climate policy processes, to help further the conversation on how to improve statistics for GHG emissions. The workshop is a platform to exchange information on national GHG data processes, identify critical institutional and technical gaps, and explore the role that FAO can play via its new FAOSTAT Emissions database in support of its Member Countries’ needs.

The workshop will take place just prior to the 23rd African Commission on Agricultural Statistics (AFCAS) to be held on 4-7 December in Rabat.