Food and Agriculture Statistics

The IV National Agricultural Census in Nicaragua


On Friday, 2 March 2012, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry (MAGFOR), and President of the National Institute of Information and Development (INIDE), held a press conference in the presence of FAO Representation in Nicaragua on the results of the FAO backstopping mission for the IV National Agricultural Census (IV CENAGRO) of Nicaragua. 

The INIDE, in coordination with MAGFOR, had completed the field data collection for the IV CENAGRO in June 2011, and is currently in the process of cleaning and validating the census database. The census was designed with technical assistance from FAO and funding from many development partners.
This agriculture census is considered an example for other countries in the region as it has good coverage of food security and is accompanied by a Census of Community Infrastructure to support agricultural development.

The FAO representation is working to find resources for the studies based on agricultural census to support policy formulation on issues such as small farmers and family farming, role of women in agriculture, agriculture in Caribbean Coast, land tenure and tenancy.