Food and Agriculture Statistics

New Statistical Working Papers released online


Started in 2006, the Statistical Working Papers series, maintained by the FAO Statistics Division, hosts technical documents on statistical methodologies and related matters.

The series proposes in 2021 a whole new selection of technical documents in the Food and Agricultural Statistics website, bringing new perspectives on the analysis of survey methodologies, presenting innovative approaches for measuring progress towards sustainable agriculture, and providing guidelines to monitor gender parity in agriculture.

Here is a selection of the latest releases:


FAO Statistics Working Paper Series / 21-24

Measuring progress towards sustainable agriculture.

This Working Paper introduces the Progress Towards Sustainable Agriculture (PROSA), a new methodological approach aimed at measuring progress towards sustainable agriculture in countries and across agri-food systems typologies, using a large set of available national indicators—computed largely from FAOSTAT—with results computed by country and through a traffic light dashboard to help assess regional progress.  The analysis provides a new framework that can be implemented effectively and allows for exploring solutions across sustainable development pathways for agriculture.


FAO Statistics Working Paper Series / 21-23

Methodological guideline for monitoring SDG indicator 5.a.1. Gender parity in tenure rights over agricultural land: data collection methods and calculation.

To monitor the progress towards achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls, SDG indicator 5.a.1 measures the extent to which women are disadvantaged in ownership and secure tenure rights over agricultural land. The data required for the 5.a.1 calculation can be collected through agricultural surveys due to their reference population and to the relevance of land characteristics and tenure issues. Data can also be collected through national household surveys.

This Working Paper provides an overview of the endorsed methodology of the indicator by the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDG indicators (IAEG-SDG). Importantly, it provides a protocol for the collection of the required data via a dedicated survey questionnaire.


FAO Statistics Working Paper Series / 21-22

Operational procedures for selecting samples for repeated agricultural surveys with a rotation design.

This Working Paper provides operational guidance on sampling approaches for repeated agricultural surveys with a rotation design. The paper presents the procedures to perform sample selection with partial rotation over the survey cycle. A number of methods recommended in the literature are proposed, considering their suitability, cost effectiveness and ease of implementation in the context of agricultural surveys in developing countries.


FAO Statistics Working Paper Series / 21-21

Operational guidelines on listing and survey preparation for household and non-household agricultural holdings and special farms.

This Working Paper provides practical cost effective orientations to countries on agricultural surveys from the conception and implementation to data dissemination. In particular, it focuses on operational clarifications on the definitions of agricultural holdings and operational guidance for establishing lists of agricultural holdings for agricultural surveys. This document is the result of a collaborative work of experienced FAO Survey Team members and national consultants working in statistical offices in countries where agricultural surveys cover agricultural holdings in both household and non-household sectors and special farms.