Estadísticas alimentarias y agrícolas

African Commission on Agricultural Statistics - 19


24 - 27 October 2005, Maputo, Mozambique

The African Commission on Agricultural Statistics (AFCAS) is a statutory body of the FAO and meets in session every two years. The FAO Conference at its Eleventh Session (1961) approved the creation of the regional Agricultural Statistical Commission for Africa. The Commission was accordingly established by the Director-General in October, 1962.

AFCAS brings together senior statistics officials from FAO member countries of the African continent, who are responsible for the development of agricultural statistics in their respective countries. They review and exchange ideas on the state of food and agricultural statistics in the continent and advise member countries on the development of their agricultural statistical systems within FAO's programme of Work and Budget for Africa.

The conference aims are to review the state of food and agricultural statistics in the African Region and advise Member Nations on the development and standardization of agricultural statistics within the general framework of FAO's work in statistics, and to convene study groups or other Subsidiary Bodies of national experts required for this purpose.

A back-to-back technical workshop will be organised 20-22 October 2005 at the same venue.

Member Nations and Associate Members whose territories are situated wholly or partly in the African Region or who are responsible for the international relations of any non-self-governing territories in the Region.


Naman Keita

Team Leader
Census and Surveys
National Statistical Systems
Statistics Division

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Meeting documents

Paper number




Overview of FAO activities in Africa Region since the 18th AFCAS



Report on activities implemented under the International Initiative for Strengthening Food and Agricultural Statistics in Africa



Conclusions and recommendations of the Technical Workshop (organized back to back with 19th AFCAS)

Workshop Rapporteur


Introduction of the International Handbook on Rural Household, Livelihood and Well-being: Statistics on Rural Development and Agriculture Household Income.



Report on the State of Food and Agricultural Statistics Systems in the Region (on the basis of country questionnaires).

Consultant, RAF

Soumaré, RAF

Report on the monitoring system of Maputo Declaration of African Heads of States on investing 10% of budget in agriculture.



Food Balance Sheet in the context of National Statistical Systems in Africa.



Report on FAOSTAT2/CountrySTAT project


K. Caprazli

Report on international classifications used for agricultural statistics and their application in FAOSTAT2 framework.

Gong and Schmitt


Report on new resource accounts and resource questionnaires.


Ballayan, Ngoma

Report on the implementation of CountryStat in pilot countries

K. Caprazli and Kenya

K. Caprazli and Kenya

Presentation of the new World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2010 (WCA2010): main features and innovations.



Gender in agricultural census: lessons learned from past censuses and integration of gender issues in WCA2010.

Tempelman, RAFS and Keita

Tempelman, RAFS and Keita

Fishery and aquaculture statistics in the framework of WCA2010.


Staff from fisheries