Estadísticas alimentarias y agrícolas

TAG Piccolo – an IATI mini-TAG meeting in Rome


6 October 2017, Rome, Italy

Join the technical community of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) to discuss tools and processes underway to improve the publication and use of IATI data.

The purpose of this mini-TAG, hosted by FAO’s Statistics Division and supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and InterAction, is to:

• Present and obtain feedback on how a FAO-led proposal to the OECD can improve code-list management relevant for IATI publishers and data users 
• Demonstrate and discuss new IATI publication and data enhancement tools developed by the Initiative for Open Ag Funding, including an auto-classifier, an auto-geocoder, and a data conversation and validation interface 
• Explore a new way to access, visualize, and interact with IATI and other open datasets with Zimmerman & Zimmerman (creators of IATI Studio)
• Present and discuss developments in Open Data compliant vocabularies to improve the granularity and interoperability of IATI data
• Identify key areas for collaboration and improvement across the IATI technical community, particularly following the IATI members’ assembly hosted in Rome by IFAD on 3-5 October


pdf FAO proposal to amend the OECD’s creditor reporting system classification related to food security and agriculture in light of SDG Goal 2


Sangita Dubey
Senior Statistician
FAO Statistics Division

Reid Porter
Director of Transparency & Open Data

For technical support and logistics information, please contact:

Silvia Missiroli

FAO Statistics Division

Phone: +39-0657054131