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Workshop on improving statistics for food security, sustainable agriculture and rural development: Action Plan for Africa. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Addis Ababa, 27 - 29 August 2012

The 2nd launching and training workshop on the Africa Action Plan (2011-2012) for Improving Statistics for Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development, and Country Assessment, held in Addis-Ababa from 27th to 29th August 2012, was organized by the African Development Bank Group (AFDB), in cooperation with the Central Statistical Agency (CSA) of EthiopiaUnited Nation Economic Commission (UNECA), and the Food Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The main objective of the workshop was to inform the participants on the Action Plan for Africa (2011-2015) of the Global Strategy on Improving Agriculture and Rural Statistics, and to train them on the effective use of the Country Assessment tools for providing information on the capacities and needs of the state of Agriculture Statistics Systems.
The workshop was attended by 54 participants. The participants included agricultural statistics experts from Ministries of Agriculture and National Statistical Offices (NSO) from 21 countries, and development partners from AfDB, UNECA, African Union Commission (AUC), FAO, and Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office of IFPRI.

The outcome of the workshop, as expressed in a resolution adopted at the end of the workshop, included:
•    Feedback on the Country Assessment instruments, tool and related software
•    Operational arrangement for carrying out the assessment
•    A time line of activities



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