Food Chain Crisis

EMPRES Animal Health

Transboundary animal diseases (TADs) are considered major impediments to the sustainable development of livestock production, particularly in poor rural areas. Their control requires coordination at international, regional, and local levels.

EMPRES Animal Health promotes the harmonization of global and regional approaches for early warning, rapid detection and timely response to TADs of international, regional and national concern such as Food and Mouth Disease, Peste des petits ruminants, African Swine Fever, Avian Influenza, Brucellosis and others.

Through EMPRES Animal Health, FAO works with countries to develop and sustain their capabilities to:

  • analyze the drivers of disease emergence and assess their impacts;
  • prepare for the challenges of current and emerging disease threats via early warning and strategic planning;
  • respond rapidly to animal health emergencies; and
  • coordinate resources, partners and actions to better protect animals, people and livelihoods in an ever changing global health environment.

EMPRES also fully embraces the One Health approach in addressing animal health issues at the human-animal ecosystems interface.