Food Chain Crisis

EMPRES Food Safety

The globalization of the food supply and the augmented complexity of the food chain have increased public concern on food safety, particularly for foods traded across countries. A greater awareness now exists among the public and food safety agencies on the impact of contaminated food on both human health and the economic wellbeing of the agri-food industry.

EMPRES Food Safety’s main aim is to prevent and control food safety risks. Central to this is the early detection, early warning and rapid response to food safety emergencies at global, regional and local levels. EMPRES Food Safety assists countries and regions in developing prevention-oriented food control systems and effective strategies for mitigating adverse food safety events and managing food safety emergencies.

It guides countries and regions in improving their early warning and rapid alert capabilities for food safety in line with the One Health approach. EMPRES Food Safety collaborates with the International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN), which alerts the countries on imminent food safety threats.