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A recent report on the circulation of A(H1N1) subtype influenza viruses in the swine population in China with evidence of zoonotic potential has alerted the world to the pandemic risk associated with swine influenza viruses. This particular genetic clade (1C.2.3) of swine influenza A(H1N1) viruses had previously been reported [...]


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Wheat is the key crop for world food security. It covers the largest area of sowing, and alone supplies almost 20 percent of the calories consumed by the world population. Wheat productivity is crucial to meet the increasing demand for food. Rust diseases are among the main constraints affecting wheat [...]

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FAO assesses that globally 44 countries, of which 34 are in Africa, continue to be in need of external assistance for food. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are causing wide‑ranging and severe negative impacts on food security, particularly through the loss of income. Conflicts and weather shocks remain critical factors that underpin the current high levels of severe food insecurity.

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09 June 2015, Rome, Italy - FAO Conference 39th Session - Side event: Building Resilience in Africa’s Drylands. FAO Headquarters (Sheik Zayed Center).