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New FAO publication: piloting food safety indicators in China


Food safety generates substantial interest in China, which is the country with the largest population in the world and also one of the largest food exporters and importers. Over the past years, the country committed to improve its food safety by establishing a food safety law and a food safety control system. In 2019, a decade after the China food safety law had come into force, the pilot project to establish national food safety indicators was launched to evaluate its effectiveness.

Information about the project is now available in the project report entitled “Food safety indicator pilot project in China”, which was published in September 2021 by the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. This concise document illustrates the steps undertaken by the country to implement the project, the results they obtained, and their conclusions.

Concrete improvements were achieved in China’s food control system and its risk analysis activities. The establishment of indicators allowed for the analysis of existing systems, standards and frameworks Indicators were also proven to be effective for the identification of areas for improvement and to determine the future directions in the area of food safety in China.

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