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Learning from a scaled-up cell-based food production facility in Israel


Participants of a meeting that was co-hosted by FAO in Tel Aviv, Israel on 7 September 2022 visited a production facility that is in the process of developing cell-based food in nearby Rehovot. Following the session called ‘FAO and the Israeli Ministry of Health stakeholder roundtable meeting on cell-based food and the future of food security and food safety’, the 34 participants were able to see first-hand the technologies and techniques they had spoken about the day before.

The international group saw a real-life example of the cell-based food production process as well as advanced equipment. As CEO, Didier Toubia welcomed participants to Aleph Farms, where bovine steaks and other products are being developed as an additional option to conventional production. A number of the food safety measures that have been controlled, verified and tested were pointed out.

The visit allowed fellow cell-based food developers and researchers an opportunity to continue exchanging knowledge. Toubia’s vision to contribute to food security and sustainability inspired a number of the start-up innovators, who are also exploring the new technology’s potential to contribute to resilient food systems.


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Photo: © FAO/Masami Takeuchi

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