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Upcoming webinar on food safety aspects of cell-based food


Food safety authorities interested in cell-based foods and their production processes are invited to participate in the webinar organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) on 5 April 2023.

During the session, the milestone publication titled "The safety aspect of cell-based food" will be presented, and participants will receive a link to download it. The publication includes a literature synthesis of relevant terminology issues, principles of cell-based food production processes and the global landscape of regulatory frameworks for cell-based food production. Case studies from Israel, Qatar and Singapore have been included to highlight different scopes, structures and contexts surrounding their regulatory frameworks for cell-based food. The results of the FAO-led Expert Consultation, where comprehensive food safety hazard identification was conducted, form the core of the document and the identified hazards are summarized with causal-chain examples.

The webinar will be an opportunity for food competent authorities to start considering their country’s situations and, if they are so inclined, begin preparing the regulatory framework to ensure the safety of cell-based foods within their countries.

Register today to participate in the FAO/WHO webinar. To accommodate different time zones, the webinar will be held in two identical 1.5-hour sessions on Wednesday, 5 April  2023. Choose one of the timeslots that fits your schedule:


  • Session 1: 09.00 – 10.30 (GMT+2) Register here
  • Session 2: 16.00 – 17.30 (GMT+2) Register here


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