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The theme for World Food Safety Day 2023 is…


The World Food Safety Day 2023 theme was unveiled today, together with the launch of this year’s guide. The theme, “Food standards save lives” is aimed at recognizing the importance of food standards across the world in keeping consumers safe, and in underpinning an equitable trade in food.

Corinna Hawkes, Director of the FAO Food Systems and Food Safety Division, invites participation in World Food Safety Day this year in a dedicated video message. “FAO supports countries to transform agrifood systems so that they benefit people and the planet,” she says in the video, noting that policymakers, practitioners and investors should reorient their activities to increase the sustainable production and consumption of safe foods.

Ahead of the 7 June observance, the event guide has been published in all six official UN languages to provide an overview of the theme, facts and figures, event ideas and key messages that could be used to raise awareness and inspire action on World Food Safety Day.

The aim of World Food Safety Day is to encourage everyone, from the producer to the consumer, to adopt and expect food safety standards along the food supply chain. This will help to reduce foodborne illness, which is almost entirely preventable.


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Download the Guide to World Food Safety Day 2023 – available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish

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