Безопасность и качество пищевых продуктов

FAO launches two videos for World Food Safety Day


What’s the connection between food safety and food security? That is the subject of a new video produced by FAO in all six official UN languages, explaining that food safety is part of food security.

Food security means having regular access to enough safe and nutritious food to lead an active and healthy life. “That makes food safety an integral part of food security,” the text on screen reads.

To end hunger and achieve food security, we must ensure access to safe food for all.

FAO leads international efforts to defeat hunger worldwide and works to strengthen food safety as part of its work. This work is driven by a mission framed around FAO’s “four betters”: better production, better nutrition, better environment and better life. “Safe food begins with better agricultural production,” FAO Chief Economist Maximo Torero says in another video about how food safety is a key factor in this work. The video, called “Why partnerships and investments in food safety are essential” is online in English and Spanish.

The new video, titled “Food safety is part of food security”, is released today on YouTube and in formats suitable for social media.

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