Безопасность и качество пищевых продуктов

Call for presenters on cell-based food and its role in the future


How is the cell-based production technology carried out? Where can we find cell-based food products? What are the benefits of cell-based food? What has been done to ensure food safety?

These are the questions people may have when they hear of cell-based food products. They are no longer “future” products, as one of them has been already carefully assessed and approved by one country. The commercial landscape for cell-based food is fast expanding with various companies developing assorted products around the world.

To initiate open discussions among stakeholders, FAO and the Ministry of Health of Israel will hold a stakeholder roundtable meeting on "Cell-based food and the future of food security and food safety" in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel on Wednesday, 7 September 2022. The one-day meeting is an opportunity for researchers, academics and food business operators to discuss cell-based food products, their potential benefits and approaches to food safety assurance.

Any cell-based food developers, producers and researchers interested in presenting their initiatives are invited to respond to the call for presenters. A total of 8-16 presenters will be designated speaking slots at the meeting.

Applications must be received by Monday, 18 July 2022. Any questions can be directed to [email protected].

Access the call for presenters to apply online.


Photo: ©UPSIDE Foods / 2022

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