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Systèmes Agroalimentaires


Webinar Recording: National processes shaping food systems transformation (7 October 2021)
Full recording from the Webinar "National processes shaping food systems transformation. Lessons from Costa Rica, Ireland and Rwanda Presentation of report and country case studies" on 7 October 2021...  
National processes shaping food systems transformations
This publication provides an insight into the direction and the process of food system transformation...
Costa Rica’s journey towards sustainable food systems
The case study analyze the process of food system transformation, with the key capabilities required...
Ireland’s journey towards sustainable food systems
This case study wants to drive inspiration from the processes that transformed Ireland’s food system to help other countries adopting practices for their own journey towards sustainable food systems...
Rwanda's journey towards sustainable food systems
Governments and food system actors, from civil society, private sector, research and education are called  to work together to enhance sustainability, resilience and inclusiveness of food systems. Key lessons from food, agriculture and environment-related institutional mechanisms, programmes and policies in Rwanda are presented...
Food Systems Summit Dialogue Recording - 28 June Global Dialogue
Global Dialogue: Empowering Cities and Local Governments to improve food systems globally (28 June 2021)
Investissement privé inclusif dans les systèmes alimentaire
Dans les pays en développement, surtout en Afrique, les agriculteurs, les transformateurs et les autres acteurs des systèmes agroalimentaires se disputent les ressources financières nécessaires pour accélérer le progrès vers les objectifs de développement durable (ODD) et accroître leur résilience aux chocs mondiaux.
The Regional Cooperation Centre for Sustainable Food Systems for the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC-CSFS)
Within the FAO-Turkey Partnership Programme on Food and Agriculture (FTPP), the BSEC Regional Cooperation Centre for Sustainable Food Systems (BSEC-CSFS), based in Ankara, has been established with a clear mandate, relevant institutional framework and technical capacity to enhance the sustainability of BSEC Member States Food Systems.
WEBINAR: The ATLAS platform for agricultural financing
The webinar: "The ATLAS platform: features and tools of a new source of data for agricultural financing", is organized by the FAO Technical Network on Sustainable Food Value Chains - Development & Finance (SFVC D&F) with MicroFinanza Rating (MFR) and the Appui au Développement Autonome (ADA).
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