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Ireland’s journey towards sustainable food systems
This case study wants to drive inspiration from the processes that transformed Ireland’s food system to help other countries adopting practices for their own journey towards sustainable food systems...
Rwanda's journey towards sustainable food systems
Governments and food system actors, from civil society, private sector, research and education are called  to work together to enhance sustainability, resilience and inclusiveness of food systems. Key lessons from food, agriculture and environment-related institutional mechanisms, programmes and policies in Rwanda are presented...
Food Systems Summit Dialogue Recording - 28 June Global Dialogue
Global Dialogue: Empowering Cities and Local Governments to improve food systems globally (28 June 2021)
Podcast: Sustainable private investments in food systems
In developing countries, and particularly in Africa, farmers, processors and other actors in the agriculture sector struggle to access the financial resources needed to accelerate progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to increase resilience to global shocks.
Региональный центр сотрудничества по устойчивым продовольственным системам для стран Организации черноморского экономического сотрудничества (ЦУПС-ОЧЭС)
В рамках проекта был создан Региональный центр сотрудничества по устойчивым продовольственным системам. Центр наделен четким мандатом, располагает соответствующей институциональной структурой и техническим потенциалом для укрепления устойчивости всей цепочки создания стоимости продуктов питания «от фермы до вилки» среди государств-членов ОЧЭС. Центр будет предоставлять государствам-членам консультации, рекомендации и информацию об устойчивых продовольственных системах.  
WEBINAR: The ATLAS platform for agricultural financing
The webinar: "The ATLAS platform: features and tools of a new source of data for agricultural financing", is organized by the FAO Technical Network on Sustainable Food Value Chains - Development & Finance (SFVC D&F) with MicroFinanza Rating (MFR) and the Appui au Développement Autonome (ADA).
Political economy analysis of the Kenyan food systems
As result of a partnership with the European Centre For Development Policy Management (ECDPM) the AgrInvest-Food Systems Project has released its first Food Systems assessment for Kenya using a political economy approach.This study maps Kenya’s food systems, outlining in broad terms its social, environmental, and economic outcomes, as well as its key actors, political economy features and sustainability challenges and opportunities.
FAO Bulletin - Series: The agrifood system and the challenges of COVID-19
Traditional food supply channels in a pandemic: suggestions for their modernisation
FAO Bulletin - Series: The food system and the challenges of COVID-19
Globally, the food systems have suffered a series of disruptions during the Covid-19 pandemic. From momentary interruptions in the food supply, to episodes of price volatility; partial and/or temporary closure of free markets; closure of borders or ports and airports; to the reduction of family income that hinders their physical and economic access to essential food, to mention a few. Many of them could extend over time, due to the socio-economic crisis triggered by the pandemic.  There are multiple perspectives to analyze the impacts of this crisis on food systems, from being a new phenomenon to the worsening of existing problems. The...
Conference Recording - Green Cities to build back better for SDG
FAO virtual event kicking-off a high-level dialogue to improve the wellbeing of city dwellers and strengthening urban-rural links.
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