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Political economy analysis of the Kenyan food systems
As result of a partnership with the European Centre For Development Policy Management (ECDPM) the AgrInvest-Food Systems Project has released its first Food Systems assessment for Kenya using a political economy approach.This study maps Kenya’s food systems, outlining in broad terms its social, environmental, and economic outcomes, as well as its key actors, political economy features and sustainability challenges and opportunities.
FAO Bulletin - Series: The agrifood system and the challenges of COVID-19
Traditional food supply channels in a pandemic: suggestions for their modernisation
FAO Bulletin - Series: The food system and the challenges of COVID-19
Globally, the food systems have suffered a series of disruptions during the Covid-19 pandemic. From momentary interruptions in the food supply, to episodes of price volatility; partial and/or temporary closure of free markets; closure of borders or ports and airports; to the reduction of family income that hinders their physical and economic access to essential food, to mention a few. Many of them could extend over time, due to the socio-economic crisis triggered by the pandemic.  There are multiple perspectives to analyze the impacts of this crisis on food systems, from being a new phenomenon to the worsening of existing problems. The...
Conference Recording - Green Cities to build back better for SDG
FAO virtual event kicking-off a high-level dialogue to improve the wellbeing of city dwellers and strengthening urban-rural links.
COVID-19 and the role of local food production in building more resilient local food systems
COVID-19 pandemic has put local food systems at risk of disruptions along the entire agri-food value chain.To better understand the situation, FAO has been closely monitoring local food system status and prevailing practices during COVID-19, collecting information and insights from different cities on key challenges and specific responses through various channels.
Empowering women in food systems and strengthening the local capacities and resilience of SIDS in the agrifood sector
This leaflet will present the aim of the subprogramme, which is to enhance women’s participation in and the benefits they receive from the development of selected value chains through improved access to resources and innovative and climate-resilient services, technologies and practices. This subprogramme will contribute to enhancing food security and nutrition in SIDS through the development of efficient, resilient and inclusive food systems, which are key to mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on rural settings. The tourism sector is one important area that is common to all SIDS countries and that is currently facing big challenges due to...
FAO COVID-19 Response and Recovery Programme - Food systems transformation
Building to transform during response and recovery
Cities and local governments at the forefront in building inclusive and resilient food systems
Key results from the FAO Survey “Urban Food Systems and COVID-19"  
Webinar Recording: Agribusiness Incubation in Sub-Saharan Africa (French)
This webinar presents the key findings from a study of agribusiness incubators across the African continent and identifies opportunities for strengthening the incubation environment on the content to promote agro-entrepreneurship.  
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