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Effective participation in Codex

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Ensuring effective participation in Codex

The Codex Alimentarius provides a collection of food standards, guidelines and codes of practice recognized by the World Trade Organization as the “benchmark” standards for national food safety regulations.

These science-based standards are adopted through global consensus forming the basis for international food trade.

Support developing countries effective participation in Codex

The legitimacy and universality of Codex standards depend on the effective participation of all Codex members.

FAO's food safety capacity development activities support the ability of developing countries and countries in transition to participate more effectively in Codex.

Many training programmes have been implemented using FAO/WHO training packages to strengthen knowledge of Codex rules and procedures and improve national planning for Codex participation and preparedness of Codex delegations.

The FAO/WHO Codex Trust Fund 2 shifts the focus from widening participation in Codex, to focusing on building strong, solid and sustainable national capacity to engage in Codex. It will do this by supporting: 1) Multi-year projects in individual countries or groups of countries tailored to meet specific needs of the country/group of countries; 2) Tailored capacity development activities carried out by FAO/WHO at global, regional and sub-regional levels.

FAO works closely on the planning and implementation of Codex Trust Fund funded events and activities to build capacity for effective participation in Codex (including translation of Codex standards to national legislation and standards) and on scientific issues. 

Codex e-Learning course

"Enhancing participation in Codex activities" explains the organization, management and procedures of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) and its subsidiary bodies.

The course describes the scientific basis for Codex standards provided by the FAO/WHO program on the provision of scientific advice.

It also provides guidance on developing national Codex structures and activities in order to enhance effectiveness of all Codex members.