Food safety and quality
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Focal Point Information

Organization/agency name (Full name):
University of Dhaka
Contact person name:
Prof. Dr. M. Imdadul Hoque
Physical full address:
Department of Botany, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
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Country introduction

Bangladesh is the party to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to CBD. The country has the Biosafety Guidelines in place from 2008 and Biosafety Rules has been enacted in 2012. A guidelines for the safety assessment of foods derived from genetically engineered (GE)plants has also devleoped to assess the safety concerns of foods derived from genetically engineered plants. Bangladesh Standard Testing Institute (BSTI) is given the responsibility to carry out food safety assessment issues related with GM food. The Institute has already adopted the Food safety Assessment Guidelines as their Standard.

Regulatory framework:
My country has a regulatory framework that requires the competent authority to conduct safety assessment of GM food.
Structure for GM food safety assessment:
My country is in the process in developing a structure for GM food safety assessment.
Supplemental information:
Contact details of the competent authority(s) responsible for the safety assessment and the product applicant:

Although Bangladesh has developed the Guidelines for the safety assessment of foods derived from GE crops following CODEX guidelines, but has not yet formed any commitee who may assess the safety of GE crops derived foods. Recently Bangladesh Regulatory Authority has taken initiative to update the Biosafety Guidelines of Bangladesh, Biosafety Rules, etc. where the structure of the GE Food Safety Committe is expected to be included.

GM food safety assessment guidelines:
My country follows the relevant Codex Guidelines or national/regional guidelines that are in line with the Codex Guidelines in conducting safety assessment of GM food.
Conduct of GM food safety assessment:
My country has never conducted food safety assessment of GM food but is planning to conduct such assessment in the near future.
Supplemental information on the implementation:
Stacked events
Regulation of stacked events:
In my country, GM food/feed that contains stacked event(s) is considered as a new product even if all single events that are stacked have already approved.
Supplemental information on the stacked events:
Production and trade
GM food/feed production:
My country produces GM food or feed for commercial and research purposes.
GM food/feed imports:
My country allows imports GM food or feed upon authorization.
Supplemental information on the production and trade:
LLP/AP incidents
LLP/AP incidents:
I do not know if my country has faced any LLP/AP issues in the last 10 years.
Supplemental information on the LLP/AP incidents:
Labelling requirement
Labelling requirement:
My country has a mandatory and positive labeling regulation on GM food (i.e., It contains GMO).
Supplemental information on the Labelling requirement:
Relevant links to documents and information prepared by the competent authority responsible for the safety assessment
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