Food safety and quality
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Focal Point Information

Organization/agency name (Full name):
Ministry of Public Health
Contact person name:
Miguel Ortiz
Physical full address:
Quitumbe Ñan y Amaru Ñan, Dirección Nacional de Control Sanitario
Phone number:
Fax number:
Country introduction

Ecuador is a developing country and consumer of genetically modified foods, which expects to have a GM evaluation system according to international standards and guidelines

Regulatory framework:
My country does not have a regulatory framework that requires the competent authority to conduct safety assessment of GM food.
Structure for GM food safety assessment:
My country does not have a structure for GM food safety assessment.
Supplemental information:

My country has adopted technical standards of "methods of analysis for the detection of genetically modified organisms and derived products" of the International-ISO Organization for Standardization.

These are:

ISO 24276 "general requirements and definitions",

ISO 21569 “qualitative nucleic acid based methods”

ISO/TS 21569-2 “construct-specific real - time PCR method for detection of event FP967 in linseed and linseed products

ISO 21570 “quantitative nucleic acid based methods”

ISO 21571 “nucleic acid extraction”

ISO 21572 “protein-based methods”

Methods that have been informed to the competent authority through the Ecuadorian Normalization Service-INEN


Contact details of the competent authority(s) responsible for the safety assessment and the product applicant:
GM food safety assessment guidelines:
My country does not conduct safety assessment of GM food but the country has, or the country is in the process of developing national/regional guidelines that are in line with the Codex Guidelines in conducting safety assessment of GM food.
Conduct of GM food safety assessment:
My country does not regularly conduct food safety assessment of GM food, but has conducted at least once in the past.
Supplemental information on the implementation:
Stacked events
Regulation of stacked events:
There is no regulations in my country on stacked events.
Supplemental information on the stacked events:
Production and trade
GM food/feed production:
My country does not produce any GM food or feed.
GM food/feed imports:
My country allows imports GM food or feed upon authorization.
Supplemental information on the production and trade:
LLP/AP incidents
LLP/AP incidents:
I do not know if my country has faced any LLP/AP issues in the last 10 years.
Supplemental information on the LLP/AP incidents:
Labelling requirement
Labelling requirement:
My country has a mandatory and positive/negative labeling regulation on GM food.
Supplemental information on the Labelling requirement:
Relevant links to documents and information prepared by the competent authority responsible for the safety assessment
Other relevant documents:
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