Food safety and quality
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Ministry of Agriculture
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BP: 576 Gbessia/Matoto/Conakry/GUINEA
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00224 621 441 670
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Country introduction
The Republic of Guinea is a signatory to the Cartagena Protocol that has not yet approved the introduction of GMOs on its territory and is inspired by the African Convention on Biodiversity. So the Guinean state through the Ministry of Agriculture shall ensure strict compliance with these rules. All varieties of different crops are usually interspecific varieties that have not been genetically modified. The main case of rice which is the most cultivated speculation in the country abounds as NERICA varieties developed by WARDA varieties created or introduced by various research centers of the country, and other local varieties. If there is so threatening about GMOs in Guinea, it must be at the importation of certain foods but unfortunately there is no effective control mechanism and appropriate laboratory analysis to detect or determine these case . In addition there is no training in the field qualified personnel. This means that the country is screaming need for training and adequate equipment for monitoring and analysis of different products.
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