Food safety and quality
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OECD Unique Identifier details

Commodity: Corn / Maize
Traits: Insect resistance
Name of product applicant: Syngenta Seeds Ltda
Summary of application:

Commercial release of Corn 3272, for the purpose of cultivation, production, handling, transport, transfer, commercialization, import, export, storage, release and disposal of this GMO and its derivatives, as well as its progenies and exemption from the monitoring plan.

Date of authorization: 03/02/2022
Scope of authorization: Food and feed
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Summary of the safety assessment (food safety):
CTNBio considered that the commercial release for planting genetically modified corn 3272 complies with the norms and pertinent legislation that aim to guarantee the biosafety of the environment, agriculture, human and animal health. Thus, once the conditions described in the process and in this technical opinion are met, this activity does not potentially cause significant degradation of the environment or damage to human or animal health.
Where detection method protocols and appropriate reference material (non-viable, or in certain circumstances, viable) suitable for low-level situation may be obtained:
Molecular traditional methods.
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Organization/agency name (Full name):
National Biosafety Technical Commission
Contact person name:
Paulo Augusto Viana Barroso
Physical full address:
SPO Area 5 Qd 3 Bl B S 10.1 Brasilia DF
Phone number:
Fax number:
Country introduction:

Brazil had the first biosafety law approved in 1995. After the identification of the need to improve the biosafety system of Brazilian genetically modified organisms, a new law was published. The Law 11.105 / 05 establishes a technical committee dedicated to the analysis of the safety aspects of genetically modified organisms and a council of ministers that is dedicated to the analysis of the socioeconomic aspects of the commercial release of genetically modified organisms. In this context, Brazil already has several commercial products that involve genetically modified organisms (plants, human and veterinary vaccines, microorganisms for fuel production) and products derived from new genetic modification techniques.

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Stacked events:

At the discretion of, and upon consultation with, CTNBio, a new analysis and issuance of technical opinion may be released on GMOs containing more than one event, combined through classic genetic improvement and which have been previously approved for commercial release by CTNBio

Contact details of the competent authority(s) responsible for the safety assessment and the product applicant:

Dr. Paulo Augusto Viana Barroso (President of national Biosafety Commission)