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Online Edition: "Specifications for Flavourings"

Flavouring Carvyl palmitate
Synonym(s) Carvyl hexadecanoate
Latest JECFA evaluation 2018 (Session 86)
Status of specification Full
Chemical name 5-Isopropenyl-2-methyl-2-cyclohexen-1-yl palmitate
JECFA number 2243
CAS number 929222-96-8
FEMA number 4515
COE number
FLAVIS number
Molecular weight 390.64
Chemical formula C26H46O2
Physical form/odour Waxy solid/Rich fatty spearmint to caraway aroma
Solubility Practically insoluble to insoluble
Solubility in ethanol Soluble
Boiling point (°C)
Assay min % >95%
Acid value max
Refractive index NA
Specific gravity NA
Other requirements mp: 144-145 º; Mixture of (2R,4S)-carvyl palmitate and (2S,4S)-carvyl palmitate
ID Test MS, 1H-NMR