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Training and technology transfer

Technology transfer and training are of crucial importance to the development of an appropriate knowledge base and skills in risk assessment.

This includes both theoretical information and practical training in the approaches, methods and tools required to perform risk assessments, as well as knowledge of the possible uses of risk assessments in risk management decision-making.

FAO are in the process of facilitating training and technology transfer in the area of MRA, through the development of training and resource material, implementation of workshops and seminars, participation in conferences and in the longer term through the development of tools for MRA and the implementation of focussed training courses.

Microbiological risk assessment training courses and tools

FAO/WHO together with the Industry Council for Development (ICD) have developed a short introductory course on microbiological risk assessment and its use in risk management.

This course has been developed with both risk managers and scientists/future risk assessors in mind. It is aimed towards participants from both government and scientific institutions or academia.

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