Climate change, energy and food
High-Level Conference on World Food Security: the Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy Rome, 3-5 June 2008

Expert meetings

With a view to providing an evidence base for sector response strategies and assisting with emerging demands from countries, FAO has assembled the best available knowledge and tapped relevant networks through Expert Meetings on:

  1. Climate change adaptation and mitigation
  2. Climate change, water and food security
  3. Climate-related transboundary pests and diseases, including relevant aquatic species
  4. Climate change and disaster risk management
  5. Bioenergy policy, markets and trade and food security
  6. Global perspectives and food and fuel security
  7. Climate change and fisheries and aquaculture
  8. Climate change and biodiversity

The Expert Meetings were held between January and April 2008. Expert Meetings 5 and 6 were held jointly.

Each of these Expert Meetings examined the opportunities and constraints for the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors, including cross-sectoral linkages between food security, rural development (including coastal and inland waters) and the environment, as well as related key areas for investment and research, methods and tools, capacity-building, regulatory frameworks, policy implications (at national and international levels), possible partnerships and available investment and financial instruments.

The Expert Meetings has been attended by approximately 20-30 experts each, invited by the FAO Secretariat and serving in their personal capacities, as well as the FAO staff involved in preparing each meeting and representatives from partner institutions such the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the World Food Program (WFP), Bioversity International and other UN-system partners, intergovernmental organizations and research institutes.

Each meeting has produced two reports: a “technical background paper” and “options for decision-makers”.