Forest and Farm Facility


The forest team of the the Natural Resources research group, at IIED is seeking a new researcher to join the team. The forest finance researcher is an exciting role new role, working closely with IIED colleagues and a network of international partners with special emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa. 
Under the framework of the UN Decade of Family Farming, FAO developed this bief to assist its Members to implement context-specific interventions focused on the multidimensionality of family farming. 
FFF rend hommage à Lucie Noasilalao, femme remarquable, Présidente de la Plateforme Nationale Femme, Développement Durable et Sécurité Alimentaire, pour ses engagements et son dynamisme dans la valorisation et la conservation de l’environnement à Madagascar. Elle restera à jamais dans nos cœurs.
Only 10 percent of global funds reach the local level, with just 1.7 percent accessible to locally controlled organizations. Accessing climate funding can require complicated applications to government and finance authorities.This new toolkit empowers producer organizations to present themselves as the right partners for financing. 
This global campaign was designed in 2021 to amplify messages from Indigenous leaders on conservation and environmental action, and to help raise attention to the World Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nature hosted at the IUCN's World Conservation Congress.