Mecanismo para Bosques y Fincas

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El objetivo del Mecanismo para Bosques y Fincas (FFF, por sus siglas en inglés) es empoderar a las organizaciones de productores forestales y agrícolas (FFPO, por sus siglas en inglés) como agentes clave del cambio para lograr paisajes resilientes al clima y mejores medios de vida. El FFF está gestionado ...
With a scope of preserving ancestral indigenous knowledge in times of deforestation, Mayangna Indigenous Women in Nicaragua, with Territorial Women Leaders of Mesoamerica and healers assembled 40 native plant recipes in this new book published by the Mesoamerican Alliance of People and Forests.
Despite existing vulnerabilities, forest communities have shwon a great deal of resilience in the face of COVID-19 crisis. This FAO working paper identifies seven key pathways and 14 strategic actions for forest communities to recover and building back better from COVID-19. 
This report is an assessment of available options (geospatial/local measurement and modelling) and their strengths and weaknesses for measuring forest landscape restoration by forest and farm producer organisations.
Join the Forest and Farm Facility and FAO partners at the "Nature for life" virtual event on Wednesday 30 November at 21.15 GMT+1. We will feature examples of diversification approaches and agroecology pratices developed by forest and farm producers organizations in Ecuador to build more resilient agrifood systems.